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10.5" reel to reel players

Luca Muciaccia
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This forum is confusing. I couldn't find a way of starting a new topic without selecting one of two choices, so i'm posting in the "in search of grundig equipment" choice, however, my request has nothing to do with this whatsoever. Instead, i'm trying to find a list of reel to reel players that can play 10.5" tapes.

I have some AMPEX 456 tapes that i'd like to listen to but they're too big for most standard domestic reel to reel players.

I live in Plymouth UK, so if anyone is anywhere near me and can help me out by lending me a player (or selling me one at a reasonable price) then i'd be more than grateful.

Other than that, my apologies for not finding the right place to make this post.


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